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  • How does RITA™ work?
    RITA™ will include a camera to track the patient's face and to sense their sleep state. At the appropriate time RITA™ will apply and hold the mask onto the patient's face, with the correct force, throughout the night, while delivering PAP therapy.
  • How does RITA™ react to sudden moves?
    RITA™ will include a soft, compliant connection to the mask that will move when pushed. RITA™ will also sense sudden movement and retract away from the patient.
  • Is RITA™ covered by insurance?
    RITA™ is not yet cleared for sale or use in the United States and is not covered by insurance. Once approved by the FDA for sale and use in the United States, we expect RITA™ to be covered by insurance.
  • How does RITA™ remove the mask when the patient is awake?
    RITA™ will estimate the patient's sleep state by monitoring and measuring their biometric signals, and will automatically remove the mask when the patient is awake.
  • What is RITA™?
    RITA™ is the world's first Robot for Improved Therapy Adherence, a state-of-the-art positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy system which will integrate ultra low-cost robotics, perception, and ventilator technology.
  • Will RITA™ work with existing positive airway pressure (PAP) systems and accessories?
    RITA™ will include an integrated positive airway pressure (PAP) ventilator designed to work with proprietary accessories and will not require an existing PAP system.
  • Is RITA™ available?
    RITA™ is not yet cleared for sale or use in the United States.
  • Will the patient wake when RITA™ places the mask?
    RITA™ will be programmed to softly place the mask after the patient has fallen asleep. Patients may have varying sensitivity levels that may affect arousal when placed.
  • Will RITA™ work with different mask types?
    RITA™ will work with various proprietary mask types including face masks and nasal pillows.
  • How can RITA™ help patients?
    RITA™ will allow patients to fall asleep free of masks, straps, and tangled hoses and still receive positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy throughout the night. Semiconscious removal attempts will be detected, causing RITA™ to momentarily retract, and then replace, the mask. Unintended leaks will be detected, allowing RITA™ to readjust the mask as needed to ensure properly therapy delivery.

Restful Robotics is Revolutionizing Sleep Apnea Treatment

Current treatment options are failing. 

Restful Robotics is changing this.

Work in progress. Not cleared for sale or use in the US.

Domestic and International patents pending.

Let’s talk about Numbers

1 Billion

adults globally have obstructive sleep apnea


of patients quit therapy

$10 Billion

global market value by 2026


annual market growth for the next 10 years

Untreated Sleep Apnea has Dire Consequences

Obstructive Sleep Apnea causes repeated choking and prevents deep sleep for almost one billion adults globally.  When untreated, there are serious related health conditions including stroke, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, diabetes, chronic fatigue, and more.
Traditional Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy, invented over 40 years ago, is still the ‘gold standard’ treatment option and works when used regularly.  Unfortunately, over 50% of patients quit therapy, and suffer the long term dire consequences.

Introducing RITA­™

The world's first Robot for Improved Therapy Adherence

RITA™ will allow patients to fall asleep free of masks, head straps, and hoses, while still providing PAP therapy

Marketing Advisor

Adam Weintraub

Adam worked at numerous startups and has significant expertise in go-to-market strategy and early commercialization.  Former sales / marketing leadership roles at J&J, Medtronic, and Ansell Healthcare.

Technical Advisor

David Mintz

David led R&D Efforts at Auris Health from inception through the acquisition of the company by J&J where he continued on as the VP of R&D for Surgical Robotics. At Auris he participated in raising more than $750M in venture investment, acquiring Hansen Medical, and gaining the initial 510K for Robotic Bronchoscopy. He is now serving as SVP of Product Development at Neptune Medical.

Medical Advisors

Clete Kushida, MD, PhD

Stanford University

Alon Avidan, MD, MPH


Andrey Zinchuk, MD, MHS

Yale University

CEO and Cofounder Scott Nortman earned a BS degree in electrical engineering and a MS degree in computer engineering and began his career at Lockheed-Martin's Research Center in Silicon Valley designing space robotics.  He then joined MAKO Surgical's R&D group, designing surgical robotic systems.  After their acquisition by Stryker, he joined Magic Leap, gaining extensive computer vision experience.

Scott Nortman

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. David Jassir, MD, Chief Clinical Officer and Cofounder, is board certified in Sleep Medicine and Otolaryngology, and currently practices at South Florida ENT Associates. Dr. Jassir graduated from the University of Miami Medical School and completed his residency and fellowship training at University of Miami / Jackson Memorial Hospital in Otolaryngology / Head and Neck Surgery.

David Jassir, MD

Chief Clinical Officer



The Problem with

Traditional PAP Systems

Mask Removal

Many sufferers wake up to find masks pushed aside or removed


Many sufferers can not fall asleep wearing masks and head straps

Air Leaks

Tossing and turning cause masks  to leak, disrupting  therapy

RITA™ will automatically replace masks

RITA™ will place the mask after falling asleep

RITA™ will keep masks correctly aligned to reduce leaks

A Sleep Apnea Solution that Just Works

Work in progress. Not cleared for sale or use in the US.

Domestic and International patents pending.

Multiple Revenue Streams



Sleep Lab Systems

Anonymous Data

Advanced Face Tracking and Robot Control

Automatic Mask Placement

Ultra Low-cost Robotics

Our Technology

See CEO Scott Nortman's recent interview about Restful Robotics

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